Cryoletics System Technology

Cryoletics are global distributors for Cryotherapy systems. We supply world leading cryogenic equipment such as Whole Body Cryochambers, local cryotherapy units and cryosurgery units. Cryotherapy systems are used by some of the most prestigious clients from the sports world and our manufacturers are a team highly qualified cryogenic scientists and experts. We provide, customers with state-of-the-art, easy to use, efficient devices and installations to be used in elite sports, medical, injury, rehabilitation, wellness and beauty.


Cryoletics offer onsite repair for localised units and chambers, we understand that time is money and the longer the machine is out of use, the ...
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Join our team of global distribution partners, grow and expand with cryoletics. We are looking for individuals with great networks or sales background to join ...
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Cryoletics offers cryotherapy units for hire. Hire of our units can be for use in your facility or for remote events. Hire of a cryotherapy ...
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Cryoletics also facilitate the delivery of liquid nitrogen for your cryotherapy unit to ensure your service delivery is not affected. We use trained professionals who ...
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The benefits of low temperature on health and well being are vast, the treatments lends itself well specialists in the health and well being space.. ...
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Cryogenic application is the science of using low temperature gases to deliver healing, reduce pain, preserve health, increase performance and a host of other longevity ...
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